Goals and values of the bank
In order to meet the needs of our clients in banking services, that is the main and most important goal of our activities, the bank performs the following complex tasks:
Effective implementation of investment and monetary policy, support and development of small and medium sized entrepreneurship;
Implementation of state policy in the field of savings business;
Protection of the interests of depositors and clients of the bank; ensuring the complete safety of funds and other valuables of the population entrusted to the bank, and issuing them at the first request of depositors;
Providing bank services for citizens of Turkmenistan and foreign citizens on convenient terms and conditions;
Promotion of economic and social development of Turkmenistan as well as successful introduction in international bank system.
Goals of the bank
Increasing the number of private and corporate clients;
Offering complex bank products and services to private and corporate clients;
Offering financial services that meet high standards of the modern financial market;
Qualified performance of offered services in a short time;
Development and improvement of bank operations technologies and services.
Values of the banks
The trust of clients We are working for maintain our greatest value – the trust of clients.
Reliability We are combining strong positions in the financial market and historical experience. This is a guarantee of our reliability and stability.
Openness and benevolence We are striving to open and trusting partnership with our clients, we are accessible and understandable.
Universality We are offering comprehensive solutions of any level complexity due to our experience and strong positions in various segments of financial market.
Professionalism We are strong by unity of our staff – knowledge, energy, potential and creativity of everyone makes our team strong and unique.